Create a "PE Portfolio"

Click link to learn "How to Create Your PE Portfolio".

Record Your Progress on your "DAILY Physical Activities Log"Click here to open FORM. If you cannot print this form then CREATE a similar form of your own.

Record your Pedometer miles if you have a Pedometer or Fitness Tracker.  If you don't have one, Pedometer apps can be downloaded to your phone.

Have a "Workout Partner".  It can be a sibling or parent. 

Click for Additional "PE Portfolio" information.

Basic Physical Fitness Tests

Keep improving on your basic Fitness Skills.Test yourself and set goals to improve.

Push - Up Test 

Sit-Ups / Crunches / Curl Ups Test

PACER TEST - 15 Meters
If you can, measure 15 meters (or 49 Feet) outside and use a device to listen to, to perform this test.

Improve your Fitness levels by doing Dance Videos to some of your Favorite songs!  You can get a Great workout and have FUN by doing the Dance videos!

Cup Stacking Activities

You will need Red Solo Cups (or other colors) to perform these activities.

Challenge your "Workout Partner" and TIME each other.  Which person can do these activities the FASTEST?

1. Learn to Stack

2. Learn the 3-3-3 Stack

3. Learn the 3-6-3 Stack

4. Part 1 - First Things First

5. Part 2 - The 3-3-3

6. Part 4 - The 3-6-3

7. Part 5 - Fixing Your Fumbles

JUMP ROPE Activities

If you have a Jump Rope, perform the following Jumps. 

If you don't have a Jump Rope then use your "Invisible Jump Rope" and work on hopping on BOTH feet, hopping on ONE foot, and running in place as you move your arms as if you did have a Jump Rope.

Or do the "NO ROPE Skip Workout"

Perform the following jumps:
Forward Jump - Double hop

Backward jump – Double Hop

Forward jump - Single Hop

Backward Jump – Single Hop

Forward Jump – Double Hop /Hop on Right Foot (Left Foot)

Backward Jump – Double Hop / Hop on Right Foot (Left Foot)

Forward Jump – Single Hop on Right Foot (Left Foot)

Backward Jump – Single Jump Hop on Right Foot (Left Foot)

Forward Jump – Criss Cross  (Some in each class should be able to do this jump.)

Backward Jump – Criss Cross (Very few in the school can do this jump.)

Forward Jump – Criss Cross Double Jump Hop on Right Foot (Left Foot)

Backward Jump – Criss Cross
Double Jump Hop on Right Foot (Left Foot)

"10 Minute Jump Rope Workout"

"12 Minute Morning Jump Rope Workout"


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ADVANCED Fitness Workout

Can you and your "Workout Partner" perform the PHYSICAL CHALLENGE?

Perform exercises in this order:

1. "Basic "Jumping Jacks"  2 Sets of 60 seconds each. Rest between Sets.
These video are not 45 or 60 seconds long but it demonstates the exercise.

2. "Squat Jacks"  2 Sets of 60 seconds each. Rest between Sets.

3. "In and Out Jumping Jacks" 2 Sets of 60 seconds each. Rest between Sets.

4. "Lateral Bear Crawls" 2 Sets of 45 seconds each. Rest between Sets.

5. "Shoulder Y to Lift Off"  2 Sets of 12 repetitions.  Rest between Sets.

6. "Bodyweight Squats" 3 Sets of 45 seconds each. Rest between Sets.

7. "Hand-Release Push-Up" 3 Sets of 45 seconds each. Rest between Sets.

8. "Windmill Stretch" 2 sets of 10 repettions.  Rest between Sets.

9. "Alternating Reverse Lunge"  3 sets of 10 repetitions.

As we continue to stay safe and follow social distancing practices as we all endure the COVID-19 pandemic, it is still important that we all have daily Physical Activity. 

Since schools have been out and we currently have Zoom PE classes, we can still be active everyday and have fun even though we may not have physical education equipment at home.   The many links below are from the activities that we have been doing in our Zoom PE Classes and also include the links from our PE class discussions.

So let's HAVE FUN and STAY FIT with the wide variety of activities to choose from below!       -  Mr. Lipovac
Juggling Activities

Hand-eye Cordination  Fine Motor Skills

You should start your practice of Juggling with Scarfs or plastic bags similar to a "Walmart bag".  This will allow you to keep the object in the air longer. 

Also it will help to practice your Juggling over your bed or a sofa so that you don't have to keep bending down to pick up the objects.

After you learn the Juggling patterns, then you can advance to using small balls to Juggle.

1. "Scarf Juggling Basics"

2. "Learn 3-Scarf Juggling"

3.  "5 Easy Juggling Tricks"

4.  "How to Juggle 3 Balls"

"NFL Fuel Up to Play 60"

The "NFL Fuel Up to Play 60 Program" is based on two main components: being PHYSICALLY Active for at least 60 minutes a day and Eating Healthy.

All the Physical Activities listed on this website will keep you Physically Active but it is also important to focus on Healthy Eating.

FUEL Up To Play 60 Videos

Fuel Up to Play 60 - Florida Video

Fit Kids - Move 60 Minutes a Day

Fuel Up to Play 60 Let's Move - Tony Romo

Healthy Eating Information Videos

1.  My Plate - 5 Food Groups

2.  My Plate

3.  Fid Kids - Fuel the Mind - Breakfast

4.  Fit Kids - Unhealthy Snacks

5.  Fit Kids - Snacks

6.  Fit Kids - Play 60

7.  Healthy Food Groups for Kids

8.  Healthy vs. Unhealthy Food Quiz

9.  "Go, Slow, Whoa Foods"

10.  Breakfast for Teens

BMI - Online Calculator


Making Healthy Choices Using the Nutrition Facts Label

Nutrition Label Reading 101

Nutrition Facts Labels - How to Read

Healthy Eating - My Plate Information

Healthy Eating Worksheet - Track Your Meals
* If you cannot print this form then create your own similar form.
Soccer Dribbling Activities

Hand-eye Coordination  Fine Motor Skills

1.  Essential Soccer Drills for Kids

2.  Soccer Drills You Can Do Inside

3.  Soccer Fast Footwork for Kids

"PE Portfolio" Activities

Click link to learn "How to Create your PE Portfolio"

Information to be included in your "PE Portfolio":

* If you cannot print any of the forms, then be creative and design a similar form on your own.

1.  DAILY Physical Activity Log
Record your Pedometer miles if you have a Pedometer or Fitness Tracker.  If you don't have one, Pedometer apps can be downloaded to your phone.

2. Record your Physical Fitness Test Scores.  Write out your scores to the Fitness Tests and date in your PE Portfolio.

This will help you track your progress.  Also, challenge your parent or sibling as your "Workout Buddy" as to who can shown the MOST Improvement after your FIRST test score.

3. Healthy Eating Worksheet - Track Your Meals
* If you cannot print this form then create your own similar form.

4.  PE related “Journal” Questions. 
Read the activity that is explained in the "How to Create Your PE Portfolio" link.

5. PE Activity – Research and Learn More About Your FAVORITE Role Model!   
    Improve Your Literacy Skills

Click here for more information on this FUN activity.

On-line Resources on Biographies to complete this activity:
Biographies for Kids

Biographies for Kids - Sports
Check the list of athletes listed near the bottom of the page.


** If the biography is too difficult for you to read then have a parent, sibling, or other family member, such as a grandparent, or aunt or uncle help you read the biography.  They will also enjoy this activity!!

4-Square or 2-Square

Use any type of ball that you may have. 

Or as a change-up, try using a variety of different types of balls to make the game even more challenging.

Use sidewalk chalk if you have it available.  Or be creative in how you mark your squares.

Play in your driveway, on the sidewalk, or in your basement.

Challenge your siblings and parents!

MORE FUN Fitness Workouts

Keep improving on your basic Fitness Skills with your "Workout Partner".  Get your sibling or parent to do this with you!  Do a different workouts each time!

Double Time: Recess

Double Time: Power Partners

Double Time: Game On

Double Time: Funapalooza

Double Time: Double Up

Double Time: Dynamic Doubles

Double Time: BOD Squad

Double Time: Abracadabra

Social Emotional Learning

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the

knowledge, skills and attitudes, necessary to:

understand and manage emotions,

set and achieve positive goals,

feel and show empathy for others,

establish and maintain positive relationships,

and make responsible decisions.


Social-Emotional Learning: What Is SEL and Why SEL Matters

"What is Social Emotional Learning (SEL)?



* "What is Character?"

Name That Character Trait   RK



* "Show Some Respect"

* What is Bullying?

* "Put Some Effort into Your Nice"

Respect Kid President "20 Things We Should Say More Often"

Earn Some Respect   (RK)

K - 2 Respect - Sesame Street



Character Counts Responsibility

Stop Making Excuses and Own Your Actions

Taking Iniative is Cool



What is Empathy?

"All About Empathy"

***  "Under The Surface" - Empathy

Empathy - Sympathy   ??  OK

K-2  Empathy Sesame Street

K - 2  What is Empathy



Practicing Gratitude What I'm Thankful for  (Rocket Kids)

"What is Gratitude?"

K - 2 What does it mean to be Thankful?

K - 2 Thankful (song)



* How to Feel Awesome about Being You



Know Your Emotions

How to Change Your Mood

"Why Do We Lose Control of Our Emotions?"

Why You Should Stop Complaining, Already!   RK

When Things Go Wrong (Do This)

* Conflict to Resolution in 4 Steps

* 5 Things You Can Control

* How to Change Your Mood



3 Dudes Who Never Gave Up

"Famous Failures"

K-2 Bruno Mars: Don't Give Up


Teamwork - Rocket Kids - What we Learn from Teamwork

Creating YOUR OWN
"Family Field Day"!!

Since we will not be able to have our “Field Day” at school this year, your Challenge Activity is for you to CREATE a “Family Field Day” at your house.

This can be a LOT OF FUN and have Great Family Memories!
EXPLORE your available equipment and resources at home to use.
INVOLVE your parents and siblings in the planning of the “Field Day”.

DEVELOP your games, activities, and rules. 

SCHEDULE the list of activities and the times of events.

INVITE siblings, parents, grandparents to participate. 

AWARD “fun prizes” for activities. 

And most importantly – HAVE FUN!!!


Black History Month - Athletes

Intro to Black History Month

Celebrating Black History Month - Athletes and Advocacy

Black History Month: Warriors superstar Steph Curry speaks on 'Black Excellence'

Jackie Robinson

Celebrating Black History with Jackie Robinson

Larry Doby - Black History Month

Larry Doby - "Our Faded History"

Jackie Robinson Integrates Baseball

Celebrating Black History with Jackie Robinson

Jesse Owns - "Fun Facts for Students"

Wilma Rudolph

"Little People Big Dreams" - Wilma Rudolph Book

Wilma Rudolph - The First American Woman to Win 3 Gold Medals at a Single Olympics

Wilma Rudolf - "Wilma Unlimited"

Black History Month Profile - Serena Williams

Black History Moment - Serena Williams

Serena Williams

Muhammed Ali - Black History Month

Muhammad Ali - Biography - Black History Month for Kids

Ray Allen on Muhammad Ali, a Black History Legend

K - 2  Muhammad Ali | kids books read aloud | Black History Month

Michael Jordan - "SUCCESS Has NOTHING to Do With LUCK"  Michael Jordan's Top 10 Rules

Michael Jordan - "Born to Fly"

Michael Jordan - Biography

Michael Jordan - Things You Might Not Know about Michael Jordan

Black History Month Profile - Kobe Bryant - "Gone But Not Forgotten"

Kobe Bryant Motivation for you..Never Give Up

Kobe Bryant's Life Advice Will Change Your Future

Kobe Bryant Has One Last Message For YOU - Inspirational Speech

Kobe Bryant - Mamba Mentality - Workout Motivation

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry: Becoming a Champion

Stephen Curry - "Chef Steph"

Stephen Curry - "Unbroken"

Stephen Curry's Inspirational Story - "The Doubted"

Black History Month: Warriors Superstar Steph Curry speaks on 'Black excellence'

"The Journey of the African American Athlete (pt 1) 1875-1950"

"The Journey of the African American Athlete (pt 2)1950-1996"

Michael Jordan - Sports Century

"The Jackie Robinson Story"